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At Genuine UGG, we value customer service...
Part of that service is support & answering questions about our products. One of our most popular asked questions when trying UGG boots on for the first time is, Do UGG boots stretch?

Answer – YES THEY DO! 
How Much? Well that's a little more detailed....
At Genuine UGG we use A-grade merino sheepskin with our UGGs, which means you need to allow 1/2 size for give. Even If your UGG boots are manufactured using real sheepskin (which Genuine UGG boots are), we guarantee your UGGs to give & stretch. When purchasing UGG boots make sure your UGGs firm, tight, and cosy when you try them on, as UGGs will give on average 1/2 a size over use. It will noticeable give after a few hours.

Why do UGGs stretch so much?
A-grade merino sheepskin is on average 16-18mm in thickness, if you imagine the sheepskin compressing on the front and rear of the UGGs, they'll compress in at least 5mm overall (which is 1/2 a shoe size)

When choosing your Genuine UGG boots, you don't need to adjust your UGG size smaller, this cause often be a mistake.... but purchase your UGGs like you would with an ordinary shoe size, and definitely don't decide “sizing up” is  a good idea. Unfortunately the industry has many low quality non-genuine UGG business who use low grade or fake sheepskin & may falsely recommending "sizing up" but it's never a good option. If you were to buy a UGG in a larger size than you normally wear, and take into consideration that the UGGs will stretch, you’ll be left with an UGG boot which will be far too large.

But what if you’re ordinarily a 1/2 size? 
Genuine UGG over the years have dealt with many different foot sizes and shapes. Even this being the case, often our consumers are surprised to find out that Genuine UGGs are not made in 1/2 sizes. Once again, this is because the compression of the sheepskin will give approximately 1/2 a size. You'll notice as you wear your UGGs the wool will comfortably moulded around your foot after a few wears. Let's say you’re a foot measures 1/2 a size bigger than a Size 5, we'd recommend to you’d be best to purchase a Size 5 UGG, as it will give & stretch within a few hours of wear. There has been times where, we do have customers who wear an 5.5 for example or somewhere between a Size 5.5 and a Size 6, then Size 6 would be the better choice for you. 

Genuine UGG has been in business over 20 years and our UGGs are cherished by returning consumers from all cool parts of the world. There's nothing more warm & comfortable. Next time you’re in the market to purchase UGGs as a lovely gift but are not 100% sure of the size... We'd say make sure there’s usually a bit of room to move & that the toes shouldn't be curling. If UGGs have ended up being too tight, rest assure they’ll stretch. Oh! And if they're are too big, you can always choose to wear your pair of UGG Boots with socks to fill them out & make them a little snugger.

Should i wear socks with my UGGs? 
We believe at Genuine UGG it's not necessary. UGGs are made to be worn without socks originally & won't smell due to sheepskins amazing properties. I'm sure we'll do another blog post highlight these properties in more detail soon.

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