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Animal Welfare

Ugg Boots does not use sheepskin unless it is a byproduct of the meat industry. Sheep are not raised for their skins. Sheep are raised primarily for meat and wool, with the sheepskin being a byproduct.

We support efforts to end the practice of mulesing.

Eliminating inhumane treatment of sheep, are among the reasons Ugg Boots devotes significant resources to prevent the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit goods. As part of our system to eliminate counterfeit we are the first footwear brand introduce Authenticate it. Through the use of a smart phone application and QR system a consumer can correctly identify if a product is a genuine product. Counterfeit products often use fur and materials that can contain chemicals which pose health hazards. For example, fur of raccoon dogs and other animals – which Ugg Boots has never and will never use — has turned up in counterfeit sheep skin products across the world.