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Genuine UGG Store

Welcome to Genuine UGG, Perth leading leather retailer.
Established in 2001, Genuine UGG has become one of the leading leather retailers in Perth, Australia. With a reputation of great customer service, fashionable designs goods & product range, we’re sure to find an item suitable for everyone. We aspire to bring you the highest grade, luxurious and comfortable products by using only the finest materials in Australia. Genuine UGG offers a diverse range of footwear, handbags, knitwear, hats and leather goods.

Genuine UGG is a family owned business with 4 generations of leather manufacturing & experience.
Our first retailer store was established in 2001, when the founder Francis Ghiassi had a vision of bringing the highest grade leather goods to Perth, after having great success in retail/manufacturing in both Australia & New Zealand. For the past 5 years, Francis son Cina Ghiassi has taken Genuine UGG into an new era, offering modern customer service, knowledge of good, updated systems & an understand for what consumers are looking for.