Roo Bum Bag - 4 Colours

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Introducing our Kangaroo Bum Bag, the ideal multi-use design, made from 100% Kangaroo leather. It offers a classic, versatile design with plenty of compartments, that you're able to use with ease.


  • Leather:   Kangaroo Leather

  • Lining: Soft Suede Fabric Lining

  • Hardware: Stainless Steel Accessories

  • Secure Zip Openings

  • Easy To Use & Adjust

  • Size: Dimensions: 15cm(H) x 25cm(W) x8cm(D)

  • Duration 2-10+ Years

  • Warranty 1-Years

Where do we source our Kangaroo from?

Kangaroos are overpopulated in Australia and due to the environmental issues they cause, the Australian government has created culling programs to control numbers. The leather is the strongest hide by weight ratio and the meat is commonly eaten or used in the pet food industry.