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Red Rock 1078 HC Kangaroo Cooler Hat
Red Rock 1078 HC Kangaroo Cooler Hat

Red Rock 1078 HC Kangaroo Cooler Hat

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This is one of our top selling hat ranges. Made right here in Australia to the highest quality. Red Rock Hats have been making a wide range of leather and canvas hats since 2003 and are considered and industry leader in their field . They tan and procure their own Kangaroo skins making them quite unique . Quality is superb with soft foldable skin, elatic head band for comfort and a tough brim to keep you out of the sun. We stock this hat in all sizes and will ship overnight to you , express or standard delivery. **Pls note Kangaroo leather, whilst soft, is harvested from a wild animal and therefore has natural imperfections and differences to enhance the weathered and used look. Every hat has different shades and is unique. It has a worn in , lived in or weathered look. Kangaroo leather is not consistent like calf leather and should be treated as such. Thanks**

The Red Rock 1078 HC Kangaroo Leather Cooler hat is great in the outback, Squashy and ideal for travelling

- Fully packable
- Super-light and strong - kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight
- Water resistant
- Cool flow through mesh sides
- Leather is UPF50+
- Brim is 7 cm all round