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We're More Than Just UGG Boots

We're More Than Just UGG Boots

As Genuine UGG has established itself as one of the leading UGG retailers across Australia. Some consumers might not be aware that besides UGG boots, we also sell a variety of high end leather goods in a range of different leather options.
Before we had ever started our retail journey, Genuine UGG owner Francis Ghiassi, has over 40 years experience in leather goods and manufacturing. If you haven't had the privilege to come into our store to smell & feel the soft yet durable leather products we provide, you don't know what your missing out on.

Besides UGG boots, we have a range of Leather bags, wallets, purses, belts, hats, home decor and accessories made from quality  Lamb, Kangaroo, Ostrich & Crocodile Hides. With each leather having it's own advantage, life span & pricing range.

Lamb Leather
Pro's: Very smooth & soft texture.
Duration: 3 -10+ Years
Price Range: $50 - $290

Kangaroo Leather
Pro's: Most durable leather per weight ratio, yet remains very soft.
Duration: 5 - 15+ Years
Price Range: $ $50 - $390

Ostrich Leather
Pro's: The softest, most elastic leather in the world.
Has a unique dotted spots as a result of the feathers being plucked.
Duration: 15 - 20+ Years
Price Range: $100 - $1490

Due to recent circumstance we've reduced our already discount Ostrich leather products by a further 20%. Use code: "UGGOSTRICH" at checkout.
Crocodile Leather
Pro's: Strongest leather in the world & unique skin patterns.
Duration: 25+ Years
Price Range: $200 - $3490

Our home decor range is spectacular with options in Sheepskin, Kangaroo & Cow Hides for babies, lounge rooms, elderly people and more.


Contact us if you have any questions about our range of products, or any other enquiries you have.
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